Adult Training & Habilitation Centers

Hutchinson and Winsted, Minnesota

Our Mission

“The purpose of the Adult Training and Habilitation Centers is to advance, promote and administer compassion and human caring relative to the training and habilitation of adult persons with developmental disabilities or related conditions. To do so for the purpose of supervising and assisting these adult persons in their training for supported employment and work-related activities.

We work to help these individuals become productive, self-reliant and more independent by their interaction with non-disabled persons within the community and in the workplace. By enhancing their self-confidence and teaching new skills at a pace in keeping with their level of ability.”

The Adult Training and Habilitation Center is a 501C3 nonprofit organization licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

If you would like any information about our admission criteria, programs, business partnerships, vocational training or how you can become part of a growing, progressive company, contact us at 320-485-4191 or 320-587-5052, or email us at or

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